#1 Jason Peacock wrote (Link)
Posted on Sunday, May 20. 2012
My Mom has being suffering from tinnitus for over 2 weeks now, her doctor has said that they cant help. that she needs just to put up with it. the noise moves from one ear to the other ear. i would be ever so grateful if you could give me any advice.
#1.1 Thomas wrote (Link)
Posted on Sunday, May 20. 2012
Hi Jason, Yes, doctors won't be able to help much here. You have to to take matters into your own hand by adopting corresponding long-term measures. These are too numerous to mention in a couple of sentences (and they might anyway depend on the individual case to some extent), but have a look through the other entries in this blog and/or see my page Tinnitus Advice and Tips for a Treatment and Cure. You can also try my Tinnitus Forum for more information. Thomas
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