#1 mazhar wrote (Link)
Posted on Friday, October 19. 2012
Hi i wanted to thank you for your work on tinnitus,about 6 months back i was in pakistan and just before catching flight back i came down with cold,nose running,ears blocked etc,i got better and caught flight,but found that i could not un block my ears at all,even when we landed at dubai i was having problems,then once we took off,ear seemed to get better and then it got worse when we landed at glasgow...for the next few days ,maybe more i could not pop my ears,tried drops,syringing etc.was given nasal spray,and thats been going on till now,even slight pressure changes affect my ear,i had kind of gotten used to this,then last week i kept getting a high pitched sound, went away then came back and now is constant,very low,easliy forgotten if i am busy but its got me nervous and anxious i suffer from panic attacks and when i hear its not going to get better,i feel so down that i just want to sleep for ever...doctors are no help,am going to see a ENT but that will take months......... only when i read your stuff,that it may last for weeks,or months but will go away do i feel any hope.. Idont now what caused it,i have stopped taking spray today...for congestion,any advice would be grateful,i got even more depressed looking at the internet.....thanks
#1.1 Thomas wrote (Link)
Posted on Saturday, October 20. 2012
Hi mazhar, Welcome to my blog First of all, there is no need to panic. The ear noises may be a nuisance right now, but they are merely a lastly harmless nervous condition. In your case the underlying cause may be your pressure equalization problems, but it could have been triggered by the congestion spray (which for me aggravated the condition as well in the beginning). So I would stop using this nasal spray for a few days to see whether it improves through this. You should also avoid any caffeine and alcohol for the time being. If it still persists, you could try whether taking a few painkillers (Paracetamol or Aspirin) for a couple of days can help (this has worked for me and some others on my tinnitus forum as well). Thomas
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