#1 Daniel Wenniger
Posted on Monday, February 20. 2012
Hello, my name is Daniel Wenniger and I have one of the worst cases of Tinnitus in the state of Arizona here in the U.S. I have had this terrible condition for over 9 years now. That is why I brought this product to market. I have tried everything out there from prescription drugs,natural remedies even a $2000.00 custom fit hearing aid-masking device from my audiologist,but nothing worked half as good to help me sleep and get thru every day life as The Tackler
The Tackler is a affordable small in the ear masking device that emits a very soothing ocean breeze like sound that is adjustable with a volume control knob. You can adjust the soothing sound to the volume you choose to help mask your Tinnitus. The Tackler comes with different size soft comfortable tips to ensure a proper fit for any size ear canal. It is so small that it is virtually undetectable when in the ear.Now The Tackler is not a medical device but this incredible little unit can help people with Tinnitus regain there quality of life. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 602-790-1939 or e-mail us at
#1.1 Thomas wrote (Link)
Posted on Thursday, February 23. 2012
Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your comment.

I don't know the particular device you are advertising, but I just would like to point out again that noisers/maskers may not be a solution for everybody (if one can call it a solution at all). I know people who have been helped by them, but also people where they have even aggravated the condition.

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